Name: [EU] 4thDnet - Kisolova - PvE
Map: VRisingWorld
Player max.: 32
Gamemode: PvE

Name: 4thDimension Networking (tm)
Port: 9987

Name: [EU] 4thDnet - Adventures - PvE
Map: The Exiled Lands
Player max.: 32
Gamemode: PvE

Name: [EU] 4thDnet - MPC - FFA - 45min Practice only
Track: Bathurst (Mount Panorama)
Car Class: FFA
Name: [EU] 4thDnet - ZVT - FFA - 45min Practice only
Track: Zandvoort
Car Class: FFA
Name: [EU] 4thDnet - NBR - GT3 - 120min Practice only
Track: Nuerburgring
Car Class: GT3
Name: [EU] 4thDnet - NBR - GT4 - 120min Practice only
Track: Nuerburgring
Car Class: GT4 
Name: [EU] 4thDnet - NBR - FFA - 120min Practice only
Track: Nuerburgring
Car Class: FFA


Wir haben den TeamSpeak Server (auf Version 3.0.10) aktualisiert.

Neuerungen (Auszug aus dem Original-Changelog):
 + Added support for new variable CHANNEL_DELETE_DELAY on temporary channels
 + channellist and channelinfo query commands now show seconds_empty param. -1 means not empty

=== Server Release 3.0.9 12 Sep 2013
 + Added support for Overwolf integration (requires client 3.0.12 or above)
 + Added "-badges" parameter to "clientlist" serverquery command
 - Fixed a deadlock. (Would kick all clients from the server)
 - Fixed a bug on nickname bans
 * Added a new variable CHANNEL_DELETE_DELAY but it is disabled for now. Will be fully supported next release

=== Server Release 3.0.8 12 Aug 2013
 ! Changed the platform string for the Mac OsX platform from "MacOSX" to "OS X"
 ! new login protocol. Old clients can not connect to this server version. (An error message will be shown)
 + added new commandline parameter "query_skipbruteforcecheck" to disable any protection for whitelisted Ip addresses for the ServerQuery interface
 + added some protection against DOS attacks due to cpu usage during login
 + only official client version strings are accepted
 + query logins are now always logged. With account name.
 + Moving virtual server between instances should now not trigger the "running elsewhere" accounting error.
 + removed dependency on libstdc++ runtime library on Linux platform
 * Fixed dependencies on newer glibc versions
 - fixed a hang on virtual server shutdown
 - fixed race condition on pending connections
 - other various bug fixes