Wir haben unseren TeamSpeak Server (auf Version 3.12.0) aktualisiert.

Neuerungen (Auszug aus dem Original-Changelog):

## Server Release 3.12.0 18 March 2020
### Important
- New feature WebQuery that allows user to access to query system using http(s) and json.

### Added
- New query commands `apikeyadd`, `apikeydel` and `apikeylist`
for managing API keys used in WebQuery
- New permissions `b_virtualserver_apikey_add` and `b_virtualserver_apikey_manage` that restrict who can create/delete/list API keys.
- New possible value for parameter `query_protocols` named `http` and `https` that enables WebQuery
- New parameters `query_http_ip` and `query_http_port` that define where WebQuery can be reached, default is all interfaces on port `10080`
- New parameters `query_https_ip` and `query_https_port` that define where WebQuery can be reached, default is all interfaces on port `10443`

### Changed
- macOS 10.14 Mojave is required from now on
- Raised version of snapshots and added support for API keys

### Fixed
- Whisper bug that resulted in users not being able to receive whispers
- Removed requirement of having a cpu with POPCNT for 32bit version, and added an appropriate error message for the 64bit version
- Deploying snapshots will import client and channel permissions, again

## Server Release 3.11.0 15 January 2020

### Important
- Channel with deprecated codecs (Speex/CELT) are being updated to use Opus instead.

### Added
- The query command `privilegekeylist` also returns the `token_customset` now.
- The query command `channellist` has a new option `-banners`

### Changed
- Because of degraded performance on larger servers, the new hint system has been disabled per default.
- Made further improvements to timeout and latency handling for larger servers.

### Fixed
- Adding or removing user in ServerQuery groups may have returned invalid error codes.
- Changing `serverinstance_guest_serverquery_group` properly ensures only
ServerQuery groups can be assigned.

## Server Release 3.10.2 20 November 2019

### Fixed
- No more `invalid parameter` when user had no active TeamSpeak-Account (myTS).
- Using the initial privilege key on login resulted in a crash.

## Server Release 3.10.1 18 November 2019

### Fixed
- Whispers check `i_client_whisper_power` and `i_client_needed_whisper_power` permissions again.

## Server Release 3.10.0 6 November 2019

### Important
- TeamSpeak Client 3.3.0 or later is needed to connect to this and upcoming server

### Added
- New channel property `channel_unique_identifier` that contains a channel UID that
is unchanged by snapshot import/exports.
- New compressed snapshot format that is easier to use.
- New optional parameter `-keepfiles` for `serversnapshotdeploy` that doesn't delete
files of channels that exist in the snapshot and on the server.
- New optional parameter `password` to snapshot commands for specifying an optional
password to encrypt the snapshot. The password is always being omitted from the
log files.
- New command line parameter `hints_enabled`(defaults to `1`).
When enabled, the server will send permission hints to clients, that allows clients
to know, if certain actions are likely to succeeded or not.

### Changed
- New embedded default license is valid until the 1st of July 2020.
- Improved TeamSpeak Server performance, and reduced packet loss on very busy servers.
- Allocation of client IDs has been changed.
- Permission `i_ft_file_delete_power` is now required to overwrite a file.

### Fixed
- "Server Admin Token" has been renamed to "Server Admin Privilege Key" in the new
server window.
- Fixed a few potential crashes.
- Fixed database error when getting the same custom property assigned twice on MariaDB.
- Fixed `clientgetids` incorrectly returning `database empty result set` when more then
one client was connected with the queried `cluid`.

## Server Release 3.9.1 2 July 2019

### Fixed
- Fixed a TeamSpeak Server crash.


## Server Release 3.9.0 24 June 2019
### Added
- Support for new license types (Gamer, Commercial, Sponsorship).
- `clientaddservergroup` and `clientdelservergroup` allowing to add and remove one
  or more server groups to a client.

### Changed
- `servergroupaddclient` and `servergroupdelclient` allow to add and remove one
  or more clients to a server group.
- `quit` can be used while being flood banned.
- `channeledit`, `channelpermlist` and `custominfo` return
  more appropriate error codes.
- `servertemppasswordadd` does not allow a zero duration.
- Parsing of boolean parameters has been made more restrictive.
- Plugin command notifications contain invoker data.

### Fixed
- QueryAdmin-Password and ServerAdmin-Token are printed again, when starting the
  TeamSpeak 3 Server using the startscript or with the daemon parameter.
- A crash related to 'set_option: Bad file descriptor' has been fixed.
- Temporary passwords are being checked for clients with the
  ignore server password priviledge.
- A bug where some ServerQuery notifications were sent twice after using
- `serverlist -short -uid` works as expected now.
- `clientlist -badges` shows all client badges again.
- Startscript checks if instance is already running.
- Server did not start any longer on some Linux systems
  Thank you 'Ragyal'.

=== Server Release 3.8.0 28 May 2019
Important: This release requires GNU C library (glibc) 2.17 or later on Linux. If you need to
           check which version of glibc is installed on your system, you can use `ldd --version`,
           which usually comes with any glibc installation.
Important: Client badge information is now signed to prevent using fake data. Badges in the old
           format will not be visible on this server.
           TeamSpeak Client version 3.3.0 with support for signed badges will be available soon.

Added: The query command `banlist` now supports optional pagination parameters.
       Please refer to the ServerQuery documentation for details.
Added: Temporary passwords are now stored in the database and will be loaded on start.
Added: New command line parameters 'daemon' and 'pid_file'. This makes it possible
       to start the server as a daemon.
Added: Channel properties and permissions to support channel banners.
       This feature requires TeamSpeak Client version 5.

Changed: The startscript restart parameter now allows to use more than one parameter.
Changed: New server logs are no longer created with a BOM.
Changed: Server / channel icons will not display as negative values anymore in ServerQuery.
Changed: ServerQuery commands `clientlist -ip` and `clientinfo` won't display brackets around IPv6
         addresses of clients anymore.
Changed: Max size of text messages has been increased to 8 KiB for improved usability in upcoming
         TeamSpeak Client releases.

Fixed: Reduced packet loss on systems under high load.
Fixed: In some rare case the server did crash when shutting down a virtual server.
Fixed: The startscript restart parameter could not be used when ran outside the server directory.
Fixed: Server did report the ability to create channels to the weblist in cases where a client
       could not create any channel.
Fixed: No more 'Error querying client connection info: 1796' messages in the client log.
Fixed: Server freezes related to heavy server usage.
Fixed: Critical log messages on startup do not create cores.

=== Server Release 3.7.1 28 March 2019
Changed: Improved modification prevention of unique server identifier

Fixed: Regression of permission bypass checks.
Fixed: A rare crash when using the ServerQuery.

=== Server Release 3.7.0 19 March 2019
Important: Future releases of the Linux server will require glibc 2.17 or newer.
           Any older version will not be supported anymore.

Added: New experimental features for the upcoming TeamSpeak 5 Client.
Added: Server now logs when deleting someone else's avatar.
Added: The IP address of a connecting Se
Query client is now logged.
Added: The query commands `clientlist -ip` and `clientinfo` show the IP address
       of connected query clients.
Added: Restricted the amount of possible ServerQuery connections to five per IP.
       Whitelisted IPs ignore this limit, and the limit can be changed using
       `instanceedit serverinstance_serverquery_max_connections_per_ip=<limit>`
       in the ServerQuery.

Changed: Updated default license to be valid until the 31st of January 2020.
Changed: ServerQuery clients will no longer have their IP address added to the
         default nickname.
Changed: The query command `privilegekeyadd` will no longer create privilege
         keys for query groups.

Fixed: Improved speed of clientdblist.
Fixed: Unicode support in interactive query ssh sessions.
Fixed: IP-Location database is up to date again.
Fixed: Server crash when a client sent a malformed login.
Fixed: Broken ban pattern matches on older Linux platforms.

Removed: Legacy codecs (Speex, CELT) can no longer be selected when creating
         or editing channels. Support for these codecs will be removed with
         future server releases.
Removed: Permission 'b_client_issue_client_query_command' was removed, because
         it was not being used for anything.

=== Server Release 3.6.1 30 january 2019
Fixed: Adding a client channel permission will set the correct values again.
Fixed: Fixed server crash related to adding a lot of server queries.

=== Server Release 3.6.0 22 january 2019
Added: Crashes on Windows and Linux will create dumps in the new "crashdumps" directory.
Added: New query commands for adding, removing and listing of server query logins.
       * queryloginadd  => adds new query logins
       * querylogindel  => delete an existing query login
       * queryloginlist => list the query logins
       For more information use `help <command>` in the query.

Changed: SSH-Query is enabled by default.
         To disable it start the server with "query_protocols=raw"
Changed: LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not needed anymore.
Changed: Improved query history for ssh connections.

Fixed: Privilege keys are again deleted when used.
Fixed: Server crashed on older Linux kernels on startup.
Fixed: "Failed to register local accounting service" should happen less often on windows.

=== Server Release 3.5.1 18 december 2018
Fixed: Exploits that allowed to bypass permission checks.
       The exploits allowed to gain talk power and channel commander temporarily,
       to set their own avatar and client descriptions,
       and made it possible to prevent a client ban.

=== Server Release 3.5.0 29 october 2018
Added: Option added to ban users via mytsid or for not having a mytsid.
       Example: banadd mytsid=AaqQu8Z/CzDMxRZ87P5oWpYempDPoO9K3l3VErhVPo+j banreason=banned\smytsid
       Example: banadd mytsid=empty banreason=banned\severyone\sthat\sdoesn't\shave\sa\smytsi
Added: Ability for the the commands 'clientinfo', clientdbinfo, 'clientgetids', 'clientgetdbidfromuid', 'clientgetnamefromuid',
       'clientgetnamefromdbid' and 'clientgetuidfromclid' to send more then one query at the same time.

Removed: Permission 'b_serverinstance_version_view' and 'i_needed_modify_power_serverinstance_version_view'
         and access to the 'version' command can not be restricted anymore.
Removed: Permission 'b_channel_create_private'. This feature never made it into the server.

Fixed: Privilegekeys remain valid when used by a user that can not receive the group in question.
Fixed: The command 'privilegekeydelete' returns 'ok_no_update' now, when the key did not exist in the first place.
Fixed: Privilegekeys that contain non printable ASCII characters are now rejected before checking in the database.
Fixed: Mistakes in the 'server_quickstart' and in the server query documentation have been removed.
Fixed: Trying to delete a virtual server with id '0' will result in 'server_invalid_id' now.


=== Server Release 3.4.0 10 september 2018
Added: New parameter 'client_nickname' for the 'use' command, allows setting the nickname of query clients before they become visible on the server.
Added: Added new parameter 'version' for the linux/mac/freebsd servers, that returns the version of the server and then exits.
       Does not work with 'ts3server_startscript.sh' unfortunately.
Changed: The Server enforces the maximum number of clients.
Changed: The 'sendPluginCommand' has gotten its own flood protection, and wont trigger flood protection for the rest of the client anymore.
         It is controlled by the new 'virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_plugin_block' variable, its default value of 0 means
         that the same limit as 'virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block' is being used.

=== Server Release 3.3.1 20 august 2018
Added: snapshots now save and restore the total connection count of clients.
Fixed: When you send only whitespace to the server query, it will continue accepting commands now.
Fixed: Moved certain ban related log messages from instance log to the server log where they should have been all along.
Fixed: The query commands customset and customdelete work with mariadb now.
Fixed: In rare cases the server crashed, when a client disconnected from server query system.


=== Server Release 3.3.0 1 august 2018
Added: We are proud to introduce myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. With it you can link your Twitch account
       with myTeamSpeak and configure the Server to give every twitch subscriber and follower a group when he joins the server.
       It will be taken away automatically, should the user unsubscribe or unfollow again.
Added: We added SSH for the server query... that took a while, didn't it?
       To enable start the server with "query_protocols=raw,ssh", and connect to port 10022.
       A few points of note:
       * the ssh support comes with new command line parameters, see doc/server_quickstart.txt for more information.
       * we also added history, tab-completion and keyboard shortcuts like killing, yanking and searching.
       * there is a maximum of 4096 characters per input line. We might fix that in a later version.
       * Bot or admin tools connecting over ssh should not allocate a PTY, giving access to the good old query,
         just encrypted - and without the 4096 characters limit per input line.
       * We overhauled server query flooding. It is now more forgiving, allowing for naive implementations that still run fast.
Added: The new commandline option 'serverquerydocs_path' allows to override where the server is looking for the
       serverquerydocs directory. Not particularly interesting we know, but it allows us to fix the 'help' command
       in docker images, finally.

Fixed: We added a fix for those annoying instance check errors on Windows. Might not catch all cases though, keep those reports coming.
Fixed: The channel_needed_subscribe_power finally shows the actual power needed to subscribe to a channel, and not just 0.
Fixed: As some have already noted, the last release broke client_lastconnected, so we unbroke it for this release.


=== Server Release 3.2.0 14 may 2018
Added: In light of the recent attacks that have been discovered, we took a closer look to make sure we haven't missed anything and prevent some possible future attacks.
Added: We have enabled the use of unicode emojis, we hope to see some creative use on your servers. This works in all places where the server deals with text, nicknames, channel names, chat etc.
Added: Query commands customset and customdelete for custom client properties, making those just so much more usable.
Added: The query commands serverstop and serverprocessstop now have a new optional parameter to tell your users why it's stopping. No more hardcoded message.   serverstop sid=123 reasonmsg=BeRightBack!

Changed: Improved regex matching in the ban manager, it now properly handles UTF-8 characters.
         Old style regex matching like .*(&#128520).* was actually a bug and is not supported anymore.
         Sorry but you have to change those to use the correct regex escape sequence,
         for the example above it would be .*(\uD83D\uDE08).*
Changed: The server does not report all slots filled when only reserved slots are left.

Fixed: When using a privilege key the custom values of the user are not overwritten anymore.
Fixed: At some point we apparently removed logging of file deletions. It's back now.
Fixed: Successful server query logins were logged regardless of query logging settings, sorry about that spam.

Removed: CLIENT_ICON_ID from clientdbinfo.


=== Server Release 3.1.3  30 april 2018
 + Fixed a potential crash on malicious incoming traffic.


=== Server Release 3.1.2  24 april 2018
 + Better handling of nonlinear system clocks.
 + Fixed crash on malicious incoming traffic.


=== Server Release 3.1.1  26 february 2018
 - Fixed a bug that prevented the 3.1 server from running on older CPUs.


=== Server Release 3.1.0  14 february 2018
 ! New accounting subsystem. Please read accounting.txt in the docs folder.
 ! Windows xp and vista support has been dropped.
 - Fixed a bug where a channel could be created with a password without the needed permission.
 - fixed some performance issues when copying a server group
 * Accounting server Documentation updated
 + New property 'virtualserver_nickname' allowing to add the server nickname
   into the server settings. Changes to the new property are only possible by
   users with the new 'virtualserver_nickname' permission.
 + New parameter 'wait_until_ready' in ts3db_mariadb.ini that specifies in
   seconds how long the ts3server should wait for the database to become
 * Released under new license. See accompanying license file.


=== Server Release 19 july 2017
+ Server Query connections now have a combined maximum buffer size. When this limit is exceeded,
the connection using the most memory is closed. The buffer size is controlled by the command
line variable "query_buffer_mb". The default is 20, which means the maximum amount of buffered
data is 20 megabyte. The mimimum is 1 megabyte. Make sure to only enter positive integer numbers
* Connecting to the server query port, now counts as 1 command, with regard to flood protection.
- Fix client able to connect with no nickname


=== Server Release 10 july 2017
- Fixed server query clients now honor name bans
- Fixed assert when client sends oversized voice packets
- Fixed crash when deleting channel without correct file permissions
- Fixed permissions issue when creating channels


=== Server Release 9 november 2016
- Fixed virtual server stops responding to clients
- TSDNS server now also listens on ipv6 when available
* TSDNS server Documentation updated


=== Server Release 24 october 2016
- not logging received packets with 0 bytes any more
- fixed ftinitdownload/ftinitupload can hang on server query

=== Server Release 7 september 2016
+ "Error opening file: No such file or directory" message now includes filename
- Fixed server crash when ipv6 client connects while using MariaDB (or MySQL) server
- Database plugins are now checked more thoroughly at server startup
! To fix the problem with MariaDB, the server needs to alter columns in the client and bindings
table. For large databases, this can take a while. It is recommended that all ts3servers that use
the same database, are stopped and then one new ts3server is started first which does the update.
After this, the other instances can be started too.

=== Server Release 19 august 2016
- fixed a problem where virtual servers refuse to start due to invalid flags or order
- fixed a crash in fix crash on servergroupautodelperm / servergroupautoaddperm

=== Server Release 15 august 2016
- fixed a crash introduced in
- fixed a deadlock in the server causing some instances to hang / be unresponsive
- fixed a crash reported by a customer.

=== Server Release 15 august 2016
- fixed several vulnerabilities.

=== Server Release 3.0.13 1 august 2016
+ ipv6 support
+ improved database performance
+ improved snapshot create/deploy performance
+ Enable "tcp_nodelay" option for server query (less latency)
+ bindinglist command now has a new parameter "subsystem"
- file transfer now only accepts connections from ip addresses that have started an upload /
download. There is a reserve of 20 slots that are allowed to connect even though that particular
ip address did not start an upload/download. This is to support exotic client routing
configurations like tcp load balancers.
- fixed incorrect filetransfer port reported in instanceinfo
- binding voice to the any address ( / 0::0), which is the default behaviour of the server,
now supports clients connecting to all addresses instead of just the default ip of the network
- fixed assertion in puzzle feature (Thanks to Schlumpi for helping us find this)
- fixed virtual server log and bindinglist for voice showing multiple senseless bindings
* file transfer now only allows an idle time of 2 seconds after connect
* new file transfer implementation
* updated sqlite to 3.11.1
* sqlite db now uses WAL as journal mode
! the new file transfer routines on unix systems now depend on async io (aio*) routines. For
freebsd this probably means you need to load the aio kernel module using 'kldload aio'
! for server query users: ftinitupload/download replies may now omit the ip parameter. If it is
omitted, it means the transfer should be started on the same ip that was currently used by the
server query ip.
! for ftinitupload/download there is now an optional "proto" parameter. See the server query manual
for more info.

=== Server Release 27 april 2016
- fixed an other server crashes on malicious input (again)
- fixed a deadlock on some query command


=== Server Release 4 march 2016
- fixed more server crashes on malicious input


=== Server Release 15 feb 2016
- fixed an other server crashes on malicious input

=== Server Release 9 feb 2016
- fix 2 server crashes on malicious input
- fixed file stat bugs on windows xp
- fixed logview command returning utf8 byte order mark

=== Server Release 3.0.12 26 jan 2016
+ added "virtualserver_min_android_version" and "virtualserver_min_ios_version" to specifically
set the minimal allowed client versions for android and ios on the server.
+ added "-mapping" to the serversnapshotdeploy command. This optional parameters will add a mapping
of the old and new channelid's in the return
+ Grouped several SQL queries together into one statement which improves performance
- fixed clientdbfind command returning false entries
- fixed some hangs after heavy network io on linux/freebsd/osx
- fixed issue with clientinfo command
- fixed crash when (automatically) deleting a channel
- fixed tsdnsserver libc++ issue on Linux
* The server will now print a warning if the locale is set to "C"
* Replaced Server query manual pdf file with a html version
* Unsigned variables (client/server/instance etc) now only accept positive values and -1 (synonym
for maximum value). Other negative values result in conversion error.
* Serverquery manual fixes
* Made a small change to the way the server handles the initialization protocol
! Removed "virtualserver_max_upload_total_bandwidth" and
"virtualserver_max_download_total_bandwidth" from the server template if the value was "-1"
! The server binaries file names now do NOT have the platform suffixes any more. They are all
called "ts3server"
! The OSX version is now 64 bit only. OSX 10.7 is now the minimum supported version.
! Some SQL queries changed or added. If you use custom SQL queries, please take note of this.
! The minimum supported FreeBSD version for the server is 10.1 from now on. Release 3.0.13 (next)
will need a libc++ from ports/pkg or FreeBSD 10.2.


=== Server Release 24 august 2015
- fixed DOS vulnerability
- fixed clients dropping with "convert error"
- added some timing logs


=== Server Release 20 apr 2015
- fixed DDOS amplification vulnerability


=== Server Release 15 dec 2014
- fixed possible deadlock in server query
- fixed a mariadb/mysql db creation issue
- fixed a mariadb/mysql performance issue
- fixed a server query crash

=== Server Release 15 oct 2014
- Small but important bug fix in accounting

=== Server Release 3.0.11 30 sep 2014
! Starting this release, TS3 servers will not support the Mac OSX PowerPC architecture.
! Starting this release the Windows version of the server requires an SSE2 capable CPU.
! Starting 3.0.12 (next release), TS3 server won't support OSX 10.6 or lower.
! Starting this release, the MySQL database plugin has been replaced by a MariaDB plugin. Please
read doc/update_mysql_to_mariadb.txt for instructions on how to update. Also note the default
character set for the database is now 'utf8mb4', which means the server needs to be at least
MySQL 5.5.3 or MariaDB 5.5 .
! When a new database is created, we will be using a few extra defaults for the Guest Server Query
group. Permissions for existing databases will be left untouched.
The new defaults for the Guest Server Query group should prevent the Server Query from being
abused with spam. The extra permissions are:
* b_channel_join_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_join_semi_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_join_temporary = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_create_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_create_semi_permanent = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_channel_create_temporary = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_client_server_textmessage_send = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_client_channel_textmessage_send = false, negate = true, skip = true
* b_client_offline_textmessage_send = false, negate = true, skip = true
* i_client_private_textmessage_power = -1, negate = true, skip = true
* i_client_poke_power = -1, negate = true, skip = true
! If only 1 serveradmin is logged into the query, this serveradmin can select any server (use)
regardless of the client limit.
! The "Wan IP" feature of the windows server has been removed as it does not work any more.
If you want to know your wan ip address, use an existing free service like http://ipinfo.io
+ Updated ip2location database
+ Better checking and better error message for errors with query white/blacklists.
- Fixed crash relating to invalid ip addresses on FreeBSD.
- Fixed a possible crash during client connect.
- Fixed channel event notifications stop working after a while.
- Fixed query logins getting permissions on other virtual servers.
- Fixed crash when deleting complaints.
- Fixed issue where clients were not deleted from the database after dbclientkeepdays when
connecting several TS3 servers to the same database with different dbclientkeepdays values.
- The server instance no longer starts copies of virtual servers.
- Guest ServerQuery user now always has default server query group, even while using a virtual
- Instance server group permissions now honor the negate flag.
- Temporary passwords and tokens(privilege keys) of a client are deleted when the client is deleted
from the database.
- Complaints of and about a client are deleted when the client is deleted from the database.
- Fixed possible server hang with query connections.
- ts3server_startscript.sh restart now works with parameters.
- ts3server_startscript.sh does a better test for FreeBSD.

=== Server Release 6 jan 2014
+ fixed crash on malicious incoming traffic

=== Server Release 16 dec 2013
+ fixed temporary server groups issue
+ fixed crash at startup while upgrading from 3.0.8 or earlier

=== Server Release 11 nov 2013
+ security fix to prevent cient crashes
+ added more debug info on some file operations
- fix crash on client disconnect

=== Server Release 3.0.10 1 okt 2013
+ Added support for new variable CHANNEL_DELETE_DELAY on temporary channels
+ channellist and channelinfo query commands now show seconds_empty param. -1 means not empty

=== Server Release 3.0.9 12 Sep 2013
+ Added support for Overwolf integration (requires client 3.0.12 or above)
+ Added "-badges" parameter to "clientlist" serverquery command
- Fixed a deadlock. (Would kick all clients from the server)
- Fixed a bug on nickname bans
* Added a new variable CHANNEL_DELETE_DELAY but it is disabled for now. Will be fully supported next release

=== Server Release 3.0.8 12 Aug 2013
! Changed the platform string for the Mac OsX platform from "MacOSX" to "OS X"
! new login protocol. Old clients can not connect to this server version. (An error message will be shown)
+ added new commandline parameter "query_skipbruteforcecheck" to disable any protection for whitelisted Ip addresses for the ServerQuery interface
+ added some protection against DOS attacks due to cpu usage during login
+ only official client version strings are accepted
+ query logins are now always logged. With account name.
+ Moving virtual server between instances should now not trigger the "running elsewhere" accounting error.
+ removed dependency on libstdc++ runtime library on Linux platform
* Fixed dependencies on newer glibc versions
- fixed a hang on virtual server shutdown
- fixed race condition on pending connections
- other various bug fixes